Uncle Dibbz's Top 10 Texas Recipes


Hey y'all, Uncle Dibbz here, gearing up to celebrate Go Texan Day in style, and I've got just the thing to get you into the spirit. Go Texan Day showcases our proud Texas heritage and cowboy culture. Since moving to Houston in 2021, this city has quickly become home. It's with this sense of pride I share with you my top 10 Texas recipes.


My Top 10 Texas Recipes

    1. Texas Steakhouse Chili - "Robust chili with a steakhouse twist; hearty, spicy, and deeply flavored."
      2.  Texas Style Lamb Chops - "Succulent chops with a smoky Texas rub, grilled to perfection."
        3. Tex-Mex Cheesesteak - "A Tex-Mex twist on the classic cheesesteak; spicy, cheesy, unforgettable."
          4. Garlic Butter Steak & Potato Bites - "Juicy steak and crispy potatoes in a rich garlic butter sauce."
            5. Keto Carne Asada Salad - "Light, keto-friendly salad with bold carne asada flavors."
              6. Steak and Eggs - "The ultimate comfort food combo, featuring tender steak and runny eggs."
                7. BBQ Beef Ribs - "Fall-off-the-bone ribs with a sweet and smoky BBQ glaze.
                8. The Best Homemade Steak - "A foolproof guide to cooking the most flavorful, tender steak at home."
                9. Smoked Ox Tails - "Smoked to tender perfection, these oxtails are rich in flavor and tradition."
                  10. Southern Style Chili - "A comforting, southern take on chili, packed with spices and love."

                    These recipes are more than just dishes; they're a celebration of Texas's grand culinary tradition. Grab your apron, fire up the grill, and let's honor the taste of Texas together. Here's to making Go Texan Day 2024 unforgettable, one recipe at a time.

                    - Uncle Dibbz

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