Raised amid the deep-rooted traditions of the South in Georgia, Uncle Dibbz brings a unique blend of homely charm and worldly sophistication to his culinary creations. His early exposure to the world of gastronomy began in his mother's kitchen, where the enticing aromas of her sumptuous dishes stirred his interest in the culinary arts and the joy of shared meals.

Before embracing his culinary passions, Uncle Dibbz charted a successful path as an internationally renowned DJ and music producer. His extensive travels broadened not only his musical palette but also his appreciation for global cuisines. Upon returning, he channeled his enriched culinary knowledge into hosting memorable backyard BBQs in his East Atlanta residence, culminating in a sold-out pop-up dinners in Houston, TX.

During his Miami residency amidst the pandemic, the inability to host his traditional cookouts led him to innovate. He began filming and sharing his unique recipes online, amassing an impressive following of over 500,000 enthusiasts. Concurrently, he launched his line of organic seasonings, garnering attention and purchases from NFL Hall of Famers, music industry luminaries, and the 2018 MLS Cup champion team, Atlanta United FC.

Although Uncle Dibbz has since retired from his DJing career, he remains an ardent music lover. His prized vinyl collection stands ready as a testament to his musical journey and an enduring reminder of his flavorful travels around the globe.