Each one of my delicious rubs and seasoning blends are crafted from 100% all natural ingredients. I prioritize safe, healthy ingredients over convenience for my customers.

- Uncle Dibbz




I completely overlooked the word in all caps--HOT. However, when I received the Atlanta Lemon Pepper I was not disappointed. I'm not a fan of lemon-pepper (or overly spicy) but I stumbled upon the YouTube video for the l-p wings and I wanted the seasoning to make the wings. So far, I've only used the l-p hot on shrimp and grits. This is a unique blend that will be a great go-to for the in/experienced cook. A little goes a long way. Bon Appetit!

Jacqueline L.

I’ve purchased all of Uncle Dibbz seasoning and all of them are amazing. However, the Durtty Bird Rub may be the best yet. I’ve put it on everything from chicken to scrambled eggs

Scotty K.

Was very excited about the Durtty Bird Rub, as all three other Uncle Dibbz seasonings have been absolutely great so far, and this one was no exception! Went amazing with turkey over the holidays, and has also worked surprisingly well with other dishes, even pasta and some greens. Has a nice subtle, tasty kick to it and the spice combinations enjoyably stand out on this one.

Kevin D.