Half a Million Hungry Eyes: How Uncle Dibbz Cooked Up Viral Success!

What's up, everyone?  Today I’m cooking up something special – it’s a big ‘thank you’ seasoned with gratitude for our 500K strong TikTok family. That’s right, we’ve seasoned, sizzled, and sautéed our way to a half-million. And I’m inviting y'all to celebrate this flavorful milestone with me.

Now, let me take you back to the start of this incredible journey. Raised in the heart of Atlanta, GA, the kitchen of my mother – that’s where the magic began. Amid the sizzle and steam, I discovered my love for creating flavors that resonate deeper than just taste. They tell a story – our story.

My life has been a medley of experiences. From the DJ booths to the kitchen stoves, I’ve embraced the beats of life. And those beats led me to create the Uncle Dibbz Seasoning, a harmony of spices now savored in kitchens far and wide.

Reflecting on this path, I'm reminded of the milestones we’ve shared. There’s the thrill of being spotlighted in Essence Magazine, where my culinary kingdom was recognized for its homely charm and sophistication. Then, there’s the electric atmosphere of my first pop-up event selling out, where I witnessed the power of community and flavor coming together. To giving back to the homeless during the holidays, I couldn't of done it without my community.

This 500K milestone on TikTok is more than a number – it’s a vibrant community, a shared space where we celebrate the culture and the timeless bond of food. As we toast to this occasion, I’m rolling out the Uncle Dibbz 500K Follower Giveaway.

I’m inviting each of you to join the feast. Click on over to enter the giveaway and check your email Friday April12th 2024 to see what you've won!

As we continue this journey, let’s share more than recipes – let’s share moments, laughter, and the warmth of good company. Thank you for every follow, every comment, and every moment you’ve spent with me. Here’s to many more milestones we’ll savor together.

That's Good Shawty!

- Uncle Dibbz

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