From Tacos to Pho: Houston's Top 8 Places to Eat in 2023

I've had the pleasure of chowing down across continents, from the BBQ joints of Australia to the patisseries of Paris. But let me keep it all the way real - no spot on the map brings the flavors like Houston. In honor of 713 Day, I'm about to put you on to my top 7 spots in the city. These joints make Houston the ultimate food city, hands down.

1. **El Tiempo Cantina** - If you're looking for a place that brings the Tex-Mex heat, El Tiempo Cantina is it. The fajitas here are nothing short of legendary, and the margaritas? Well, let's just say they know how to mix a drink. This place is a must-stop to truly taste the essence of H-Town. El Tiempo Cantina - 2814 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003. Visit their website


  • 2. **Pho Saigon** - As a pho fanatic, I've tasted my fair share of this brothy brilliance, but no place does it quite like Pho Saigon. Every spoonful is packed with flavor that satisfies the soul, making it the ultimate comfort food, come rain or shine. Pho Saigon - 2808 Milam St #D, Houston, TX 77006. Visit their website

  • 3. **El Taconazo** - This spot is where you want to be for some legit Mexican street food. Remember to bring cash and a few Spanish phrases, but trust me when I say that the street tacos here, loaded with juicy carnitas and al pastor, are worth every penny. El Taconazo - 8104 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77037.

  • 4. **The Pit Room** - Nothing says Texas quite like barbecue, and The Pit Room serves it up right. Their slow-smoked brisket is the stuff of dreams, and the homemade tortillas? You haven't lived until you've tried 'em. The Pit Room - 1201 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006. Visit their website

    5. **Flying Fish** - If you're craving a bit of coastal flavor, Flying Fish hooks you up with some killer Cajun-style seafood that'll transport you right to the heart of Louisiana. The freshness, the spice - it's a seafood lover's paradise. Flying Fish - 1815 N Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77008. Visit their website


    6. **Kim Son** - I usually give buffets the side-eye, but Kim Son is an exception. They deliver Vegas-style quality at Texas-friendly prices. The selection and quality here are truly top-notch, making it an indulgence you just can't pass up. Kim Son - 10603 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072. Visit their website


    7. **Trez Wine Bar** - And for those of you looking to level up your date night, Trez Wine Bar sets the scene with the perfect ambiance, an impressive wine selection, and the kind of food that leaves a lasting impression. It's the ideal place to relax, enjoy some superior vino, and savor the moment. Trez Wine Bar - 920 Studemont St #150, Houston, TX 77007. Visit their website


    8. **Gatlin's Fins & Feathers** - This classic soul food spot serves up some of the best fried chicken in town. Every bite takes you back to Sunday dinners at grandma's house. It's a must-visit for a taste of Houston's rich soul food tradition. Gatlin's Fins & Feathers - 302 W Crosstimbers St, Houston, TX 77018. Visit their website

  • And there you have it - my 8 favorite spots to hit up this 713 Day. But let's be real, any day is a good day to savor the global culinary landscape that Houston has to offer. From tacos to pho, barbecue to seafood, we've got it all right here in the 713. It's nothing but love in the H - That's good Shawty!

    - Uncle Dibbz

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